iDROID USA offers Massive DISCOUNTS this Black Friday

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Black-Friday Promotions

Black Friday is the shopping day following the blessed Thanksgiving Day. It is called Black Friday because on that day a large number of shoppers come out on the streets and cause traffic jams and there is quite a probability of accidents. The crowds turn up in huge numbers at the local stores to celebrate exciting deals on this grand shopping gala. Unusually hefty amount of people enter the shops at the same time and fill out the streets as well resulting in distasteful and troublesome situation. The law enforcing agencies are on their toes the whole time to prevent any incidents from happening. The term Black Friday was originally coined in 1966. Black Friday deals also mark the start of the shopping season for Christmas.

iDROID USA is also offering, for the first time, mega discounts on some of its products. This sale opportunity is being provided for a period of 4 days from 26th to 29th of November 2015. Last year the Black Friday sales went very well which is why iDROID USA decided to give huge discounts this Black Friday as well. iDROID Tango A5 (Black) and iDROID Tango 2 (White & Black) are being offered at attractive prices of $84.99 (Last Price: $149.99) and $95.99 (Last Price: $169.99) respectively, discounting 43%.

You can grab these products by filling out the form on this page Coupon codes are written at the bottom of the phones. Due to the high demand of Tango 2 it has been placed on sale this Black Friday. iDROID USA is proud to announce its Black Friday deals and promotions all over the US for these 4 days. Once you are at the Black Friday page, fill out the form which will take you to the product page.  You will be asked to provide the coupon code and then avail this great opportunity. Limited stock is available so hurry up and grab these Black Friday deals and promotions. iDROID USA wishes a safe but joyous Black Friday to the world.


iDROID USA Started Online Chat Support for Customers

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It is a good news for the iDroidians that iDROID USA has recently started its online chat support program for their questions about iDROID’s products and all other types of inquiries. The bottom right hand corner of the website says online when the agents are online and offline when they are not. Our vigilant customer services agents will be online from EDT 9:00 am to 8:00 pm 6 days a week. Basically this service will help the customers ask all sorts of questions directly from iDROID help desk personnel. This interaction will ease up all sorts of difficulties faced by the customers.

iDROID USA is running in the race to produce the best android smartphones. This iDROID’s online chat support and iDROID help desk initiative is an effort to become the top smartphone manufacturing company of all times. Very few companies provide this kind of top-notch help desk support to their valued clients. According to latest and recent market trends this program will prove fruitful to iDROID as a company as well as to our esteemed customers who will enjoy the freedom of less fatigued support services.

Apart from the customers, our dealers and distributors can also connect with this live chat support plan to ask for proper guidance relating to software or hardware solutions to their queries. All the big companies these days have installed massive strategies in order to provide instant help desk support to their respective clients.  In the earlier days when customer services agents were not reachable through live chat programs, customers had to wait for their emails in order to get their issues resolved. Now instantaneous solution is provided to whoever wants it on the go taking the customer services to the next level.

Now you can ask for the local dealers in your area directly from our trained agents through online chat support and they will provide you with the address to check out your favorite iDROID smartphone. Purchasing directly from the website can also be encouraged through this process helped by the proper guidance of our highly motivated support personnel. This would definitely increase our customers as they will find it easier to interact with team iDROID.  By providing customers with this tool, now customers can give their immediate and prompt feedback about what they think about iDROID devices.


Android Marshmallow coming to iDROID Smartphones

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The latest operating system introduced by Google is called Android 6.0 or Android Marshmallow thus continuing its legacy of naming them after edible things. Google has jumped from Android phones 2015 containing Lollipop to Android Marshmallow within a quick span and brings a lot of new and interesting features in Android 6.0.

Android-Marshmallow-iDROID (1)


The animation that comes on the screen as you start up your phone is the first new feature that comes in Android 6.0. It is colorful and goes on for a while until it hits the word “android”. It looks pretty cool on the handset bringing out the best trends in technology so far. As soon as it boots, it takes you to the lock screen which has a different layout compared to the previous versions. It has the camera shortcut to the bottom right hand corner. Voice search button shortcut is towards the bottom left hand corner.

Android-6.0-Marshmallow-boot-animation-iDROID (1)


The notifying feature of Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the Now on Tap feature. This feature gets activated once you long press the home screen button. It doesn’t open Google now anymore. Google Now on Tap basically brings on context related information depending on what you’re doing. It reads whatever screen you’re on and gives you options like Facebook, Instagram, google plus and many more.

Android 6.0 - iDROID


Press and hold on to the settings icon. Then let go of it and you’ll be notified that the System UI Turner has been turned on. Going into quick settings you can change or organize the way the icons are placed. For instance if you want to replace the “flashlight” button with the “do not disturb” button, long press on that button and move it to the position you want.


Finger print support is another interesting feature in Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). This has been delivered in the Nexus devices and specific app by the name of Android Pay has been launched. This is similar to payment systems like Apple pay and Samsung pay.

Android Finger Print Scanner

Cut, copy and paste got a lot easier as the cut, copy and paste buttons come right on top of your text. Plus if you have Google translate installed on your device, it shows you the option of translate whatever word you have selected. So this is a cool option they have included in the interface of Marshmallow.



Then there is a feature called Doze. Doze mode allows your phone to sleep whenever it is laid down on a table or in your pocket or in your handbag. This enables the phone’s battery to last even longer. The fact that the phone goes into hibernation mode saves a lot of battery.

Android 6.0 Battery


iDROID USA also has the intention of launching its Android phones with 6.0 Marshmallow in the near future. No matter how fast the world is, iDROID USA will keep on struggling and putting up their untiring efforts to conform to the latest technology trends and to make their gadgets potent enough to support the modern man’s needs.





Selfie Fans Celebrate with Tango 2 by iDROID USA

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iDROID USA has launched yet another marvel in the form of Tango 2 which is basically the successor of Tango A5. This phone is equipped with the latest machinery available in the smartphone industry. From a powerful processor to a decent chip-set and from an impressive rear camera to a slim design, Tango 2 has it all to bear your high expectations and a touch of class suited to your unique personalities.

Tango 2


Tango 2 Android Phone


Here I would like to talk about the camera as the subject of our discussion.  Tango 2 has a selfie camera with a flash which makes it different from other phones. This unique yet impressive feature is bound to attract people from every walk of life. They should grab this excellent opportunity and finally conclude their search for the right smartphone. This camera tingles with your extra-sensory organs and captures extra-ordinary photos with details of your moods and expressions. This selfie snapper is not as highly specced but it does the job pretty well. The ultra sharp flash accompanies the selfie specialist to make your pictures reach heights of perfection and flawlessness. The camera can make pictures even in the pitch dark on account of its amazing flash and the picture it takes in broad day-light are as clear as day light. The dual-flash helps when the light is as dim as a poor man’s candle. The pictures taken from this smartphone are not only extra attractive but also super clear.

Air Gestures


iDROID Tango 2  Music Phone


I would like to talk about some other features that the phone has like the Air and Wake gestures. These features as you all know allow you to easily handle your smartphone. Air gesture helps you go through your gallery simply by the swipe of your palm without actually touching the super responsive 2.5D Gorilla glass screen. Although the screen is 5” but it looks bigger than that as it is stretched from top to bottom with an edge to edge design.

iDROID Tango 2 Pictures


iDROID Tango 2 Photos

It has a powerful battery which once charged lasts longer than batteries in other phones. The phone supports 3G and 4G connectivity which makes the internet run at a fast speed. It is delicate and pencil slim and very pretty. The phone comes in two colors – black & white which makes it a special beauty. An additional feature of this phone is the quality of the screen which is made of Gorilla glass and is durable and finger friendly. The fingers enjoy dialing it and never feel tired.

iDROID Tango 2 Music Android Phone


Select your Nearest iDROID Store using Store Locator on the Website

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iDROID USA the fastest growing smartphone manufacturing company has made a page specifically for you to find iDROID stores in your desired area. You can select the nearest iDROID store in your particular region by clicking the store locator link on the website. iDROID USA takes pleasure to have over 1000 stores across USA. The dynamic design of store locator makes it easy for you to find the store that is the nearest to your location.

Store Locator iDROID USA

You can physically view the products by visiting these stores. You can check out these products and see if they satisfy your choice of a smartphone or any other devices that you may like. Just select your state and click on the red pointed thing on the map to view the desired address of a particular store. You can ask for the extended warranty of the product, you wish to buy. If the particular iDROID device has bugs in it, there is 100% replacement of iDROID products. Visit the Store locator by clicking this link:

These stores also have all the accessories related to iDROID products. You can ask for the flip cases, extra batteries, chargers, hand-frees from these stores. Even if you break your screen, they have the spare parts available so you don’t have to worry about anything. Each and every part of the phone is available at these stores and therefore can be replaced for the phones under warranty.  Every kind of after sales service is provided to the iDroidians. If you are not satisfied with the service you can always mail your complaints at and our vigilant customer services agents will get back to you as quickly as they can.

In order to enhance your shopping experience we have made this section just for your ease and comfort. Very few companies have their own store locator built into their parent website and iDROID is surely one to excel in this era of technology. This is a revolutionary step taken by iDROID USA to shine in the field of advance customer service. Our goal is to satisfy each and every one of you by providing you with the latest technology solutions for smartphones, wearables and tablets.


iDROID USA Propels Remote Diagnosis Rescue Support

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Very few companies very seldom take their customer support up to a level of enhanced customer satisfaction where loyals really take pride and feel a deep association towards their favorite brands. iDROID USA, the fastest growing smartphones manufacturing company in the USA and a premier emerging technology brand has had the honor to have taken its post purchase customer service to a ubiquitous level with the help of its highly professional and learned Research & Development team.

Previously iDROID hub also proved to be a conspicuous example of totally customer driven marketing strategy where you can get a collection of most useful and wonderful applications from all around the world. iDROID owners actually seek  to serve its users optimally and keep a burning passion to strive ahead for them. Resultantly, “iDROID Rescue” like revolutionary smart apps are built.

Enhanced Customer Experience
Enhanced Customer Experience

Connectivity on the go is inevitable in this era. iDROID USA has launched its “iDROID Rescue”application with remote diagnoses, troubleshooting, and problem solving support with 24/7 connectivity. It has become an indispensible application for iDROIDians because now they can get their issues resolved extemporaneously. “iDROID rescue” facilitates its users by getting them connected with their back end support engineers anywhere anytime. Any kind of software issue or settings issue can be remotely handled with the help of this app. You can watch the problem being resolved in front of you as your smartphone will be remotely accessed and operated after getting connected. This feature, in this way, becomes another value added service by iDROID USA as you get guided for any future problem too. In order to smoothly get through the whole process, a series of steps has to be followed.


  • Download iDROID Rescue app directly from Google Play store
  • Install the app on your smartphone
  • Call iDROID Customer Care helpline
  • Insert your six digit pin provided by iDROID
  • Your basic information will be accessed by software for diagnosis of problem
  • iDROID support personnel will then do the needful to solve the problem
  • This innovation and service, by iDROID USA, is being considered an unprecedented and exceptional feature offered. iDROID customers feel delighted, well equipped and guarded as they never get stuck with any minuscule problem due to iDROID rescue. iDROID looks forward to serve its loyals in the best way in future.


    Cell & Bell Trading Corporation joins Hands with iDROID USA after Signing up a Master Licensee Agreement

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    Cell & Bell Trading Corp has gradually transformed into a premier exporter and distributor of consumer electronics & wireless products globally. iDROID USA feels proud to have joined hands with Cell & Bell for its business expansion in Dubai and eventually throughout UAE. Cell & Bell will help iDROID distribute its products to dealers and distributors across Dubai and UAE in the long run.


    Cell & Bell has already had this contract with iDROID USA to display its smartphone range in their outlets and service centers. iDROID USA is diving into this awesome venture with great hope for bringing in more business and striving towards the success and prosperity of both these companies. iDROID USA spots a lot of potential in this joint step towards taking the mobile and wireless industry to the next level. iDROID King, iDROID Tango A5, iDROID Royal V5 and iDROID Royal V7 are among the best android smartphones being offered and promoted by Cell & Bell.

    Cell & Bell was started off in 2007 by Mr. Adil Raza (Managing Director) along with a team of dedicated professionals and ever since it hasn’t looked back. The success of this company should be attributed to the loyal customers it has made over the years and they are the never-ending assets of this firm.

    Contact Info.

    Cell & Bell Trading Corp.

    Office # 12 Building N-12 Persia Block Warsan Dubai.

    +971 569 512 449


    iDROID Inc.

    (215) 589-7118.




    The Most Awaited Tango 2 Officially Announced by iDROID USA

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    iDROID USA an emerging telecom company has launched another phone which is an extension of Tango A5 and is named as Tango 2. It keeps on making devices that are user-friendly and loved by the loyal iDroidians. The Company’s R&D department keeps tabs on the availability of excellently equipped devices and carefully designed gadgets keeping in view the taste and class of its customers.

    With an improved IPS OGS screen, Tango 2 has so many unique things to offer compared with the older Tango A5. Although Tango 2 also has 5.0 inch display but its screen size is fairly bigger if compared with Tango A5 as the screen covers wider area from edge to edge. Sharp and enhanced screen colors augment in the beauty of this newly launched intelligent device. Tango 2 carries an extra special 2.5D Gorilla Glass Screen which makes it stand out from other huge product line of iDROID USA. It gives you an exquisite royal, milky and glassy image simply making it an elegant gadget.

    DROID Tango 2

    Compactness, handiness yet completeness in its flawless made makes it a worthwhile smartphone piece. Affordable in just a pocket-friendly price, it is a complete smartphone solution. Sleek, smart, sensuous appearance with all the requisite features optimally found in this smart solution will make you fall in love with your Tango 2. Another very noticeable and worthy thing is the handiness of its power button placement. It is on neither edge rather it is on upper side where you can control your smartphone the best. On left side are the volume keys. Overall the design gives you solidity and firmness in your grip and user will never feel like Tango 2 slips from palm which often happens in case of several other smartphones. Though Tango A5 also offered 8MP Camera with flash with 2MP selfie cam but Tango 2 has offered the most unique feature ever. It has got a sneaky yet flashy front cam which will give your personal portrays an entirely novel look. Very sharp, high res images, can be had from Tango 2’s wonderful front camera. Selfie cams are not usually found with flashes but Tango 2 has made an exception and the users will be amused.

    Tango 2-5

    iDROID USA, since its first launch, has been on the quest of offering the most unique features for its loyal customers. Royal V7 was a conspicuous example since it always was rated an A class phone. iDROID relentlessly resumes its mission to always gratify its patronizers by offering extreme utility in its product line of smartphones.


    How to get the Best User Experience with the iDROID King 5.5 Inch Smartphone

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    iDROID USA’s latest smartphone is recently launched and is made available all over USA. Extensively researched, economically priced, artistically beautifully made is the magnificent new smartphone piece. Its color combination with snow white base and red embellishment gives this gadget a royal look. The wait is over now. The most sophisticated yet stylish smartphone is on a huge go. It has been the topic of discussions of many smartphone lovers since it is a gigantic phone-cum-tablet of 5.5 inches. Here are five most tinted facts about iDROID King which you will be surprised to know. These facts will help you do your chores more conveniently and reliably. There were mysterious kinds of rumors about new features that iDROID King would carry in. Situation is fairly clear now.

    Longer hours of battery usage

    With ultimate battery backup of 2100 mAh, now you can spend maximum time on your smartphone without having to charge it. Reason for which is that battery backup is extraordinary and intelligent made of this best android phone in order to boost your iDROID user experience. Its power saving mode works very efficiently. Though the soft keys’ light is slightly lowered and dimmed but the phone performance really never goes awry. Now you can simply go to Settings menu and reach battery options to turn power saving mode on.

    king 1 copy

    Upgraded Camera

    Equipped with fully up to the mark camera, iDROID King was already being anticipated with a great front and back eye. It is ready to make your experience even more delightful with its double tap feature to get into camera in a moment. iDROID users are really going to love this feature. Other than that, picture HD quality is even more enhanced. In fact, iDROID has offered the best camera in King compared with its other android phones.

    king 3 copy1

    Smartest air and wake up gestures ever

    It is high time to save your precious time since time is money. Use your phone using air and wake up gestures technology and get rid of unlocking your smartphone again and again. Your swiping will do the work of your commanding. Your waving will do you the favor of swiping through different screens. Just go to Settings menu and check air and wake up gestures.

    king 2 copy

    Best 3D experience

    With a full 5.5’ screen size of iDROID King, experience the sheer reality of life with naked eye. See things as if they are happening just in front of you and you will feel like getting away from any horror and joining in an attractive and appealing ambience. Not even a site actually in front of you could ever give you so mesmerizing experience that iDROID King has got to offer.

    king 4 copy

    iDROID King is declared to be the most awaited device for iDROIDians. Keeping in view its most unique and desirable features, everyone would like to switch from his old iDROID android smartphone to enjoy best user experience.


    iDroid USA invites you to CTIA Grand arena Super Mobility Trade Show 2015

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    CTIA Super Mobility exhibition 2015 is on the verge to take place in Las Vegas in September. This trade show grants a great opportunity for tech companies to let people know about what they are specialized in and their competitive advantages. Thousands of different companies will be taking part in this grand field of international trade and adding value to its purpose. Entrepreneurs are being welcomed to enrich and open new horizons for them to augment their global trade. This Super Mobility Show is extremely versatile in respect of number of participants and nature of businesses.

    CTIA Super Mobility 2015

    iDroid USA has also announced its participation in this Trade Show to further the number of its retail stores, dealers, and distributors. The almost 2 years old company already has had above 500 stores scattered all over USA. Such rapid progress in such a short time has grabbed the attention of general public. People are keenly looking forward to this great day as they want to know a lot more about this emerging stallion company. The company will always keep its promises with respect to high quality products, upgraded software, unmatchable post purchase services. Despite having been bearing heavy pressures on its production end, it has managed to keep its express pace.

    iDroid USA warmly invites its brand loyals to come and see us prospering by leaps and bounds.

    iDroid USA Super Mobility booth

    Visit iDroid’s booth (852 number) on left side of main aisle with a total area of 400 square feet.

    iDroid has recently launched 2 new benchmark smartphones in Africa region. About half a dozen of celebrities have the honor to have become iDroid’s brand ambassadors. iDroid has incredibly performed in Uganda and has successfully been advancing. iDroid USA launched its operations back in March, 2015 and just within a few months, two more smartphones have been added. iDroid is in boon state after having succeeded in its launch ceremony a few weeks ago. There still seems to be an unending potential with respect to selling.