STORM OF SWORDS Recommended Game by iDROID USA

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The game known as Storm of Swords is a famous game developed by Tap4Fun. It is a strategy game and a magnificent fantasy epic formerly known as Royal Empire Realm of War. It is already a very popular game and comes recommended for all the iDROID devices by iDROID USA.

Storm of Swords

The game is about a royal empire where the power of the King has become meaningless and anyone that is hungry for power can write their name in its history books. With trust comes responsibility and you will soon realize that the power you have over the millions of loyal soldiers is not enough to rule an empire. You need to have friends you can trust to be able to Rule an empire. The main characteristics of the game are: it has one unified server so all countries fight in the same realm, legendary battles take place, 16 unique unit types at your disposal including all types of soldiers, the continent of Ayres is a colorful land divided into four vast areas.

Storm of Swords on iDROID

Their Facebook page is very responsive. As soon as the players post their problem, the Tap4Play developers get right on it, trying to fix that problem and mostly the problem gets fixed within a couple of hours. In this game you build an empire and raise an army. If you are a strategic game fanatic then this is your game! It can be very addictive and exciting for the right gamer!

This game has 100,000 – 500,000 installs and they are on the up as gamers love the game to the core! The interface and background music has a herculean ambiance in it.

king copy

iDROID USA recommends this game as it is a wonderful game, some of the things are expensive in it, like the hospital (It can heal your troops with gold). But the developers are constantly improving the game for the players to have a great user experience! Very few developers give this much attention to their targeted audience. Download this game now.


iDROID Royal V4 and iDROID Royal V5 make their mark in the history of iDROID USA

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A big day on 10th July, 2015 has just passed in the history of iDROID USA presenting new models of its ROYAL series of smartphones. Royal V5 and Royal V4 have successfully made their mark in African territories, at Guvnor club, Kampala with their stunning outlooks, astounding durability and 3D features technology. Their launch brought a lovely evening with celebrities like Mun’G, Sheebah, and Nutty Neithan and other popular TV Personalities like, Carol Flower, brand ambassadors of iDroid USA. A euphonic beat “iDROID Town” was recorded by the five at this wonderful occasion of smartphones launch. Seldom are events this much attractive and praised as V4 and V5 launch like adorable evening.


Both smartphones are aimed for a pocket friendly budget as were Royal V7 and Tango A5. Royal V5 is just an identical twin of V7 in just 499000 UGX with a 5’ super gorilla display which is almost unbreakable and comes in black and white colors with extra back covers to suit your mood. Royal V4 is offered in as low price as 459000 UGX. Both, V5 and V4 incorporate ultrafast QuadCore processor, Air & Wake up gesture technology, special iDro Beast (sound) technology and iDro Brite (display) technology, a huge collection of smart and intelligent apps on iDroid hub. Live streaming of the event brought great awe among all viewers as it was one of the most memorable nights ever. A splendid video of a nail being hammered with V4 screen was shown before newly launched smartphones were honorarily given to iDROID brand ambassadors making these smartphones awe-inspiring.


All laud and credit goes to company’s Chief Marketing Officer and Cofounder Jawad Qureshi whose efforts are taking the company to a new level of prosperity by leaps and bounds. Jawad Qureshi also thanked his other cofounders Shabaz Khan, Zubeer ,M Adeel and Salman for their collaborative efforts, dedication and commitment.



4th of July Celebration Sale at iDROID USA

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4th of July is the US Independence day which is marked by extreme patriotic, heroic and brave deeds and displays. US citizens still take thrilling pride in their heroes and legends who have sacrificed their lives for the cause of freedom centuries ago because they feel a deep, hearty and cordial association and affiliation towards their ancestors and forefathers. The bloodshed could never be forgotten that took place to save generations from slavery. It is said that freedom is never taken pricelessly and only nations have the courage to pay that what is required like it so happened on 4th July, 1776 when America was declared an independent country from Great Britain. And then forthcoming leaders stick to their predecessors’ visions and missions, only then they emerge as strong nations as United States of America.


iDroid USA keeps and maintains the honor to be in the vanguard for celebrating 4th of July in letter and spirit by joining hands with American nation in commemoration of their heroes. iDroid USA, despite being best android smartphone company, wants to keep the traditions and values alive in the hearts of its valued customers. iDroid USA indiscriminately takes active part to inculcate and nurture patriotic spirit in every American. iDroid indeed does what it takes to be through toughest times successfully and wants to build same kind of high morale in iDroidians and the rest.

On 4th of July sales are expected to rise by leaps and bounds due to an unprecedented discount of 10% offered on every sale of iDroid product. Come forth on this memorable day and join hands with one of the fastest growing smartphone companies of USA to express your heartiest greetings for your country. iDroid phones are most economical and durable. They are sold at about 500 mobile shops in different states of America. They have been made available extensively. Besides, iDroid is just on the verge of launching several new smartphones devices. They are even more sophisticated and refined as regards technological advancement. So after its big hits of Royal V7, Tango A5, many new horizons are about to appear in the market soon. A time quite in near future is hovering over heads when iDroid phones will be indispensible for everyone to have. So it is a great discount opportunity to benefit yourself.

Use this coupon “IDARO and avail discount on every purchase.

Happy 4th of July from iDroid USA!


iDROID King 5.5″ Smartphone Launched Globally by iDROID USA

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iDROID USA has scheduled another very competitive smartphone launch in quite near future whereas Royal V7 and Tango A5 smartphones are already in the day light as they are considered to be the best android smartphones in USA. iDROID USA, maintaining its tradition of quality in all its former products, has offered another technological marvel in the form of iDroid King. This new launch is extremely important because of the struggles that the company has made in order to improve the quality of iDroid phones. iDroid King has been made keeping in mind the rapidly changing Android smartphones industry in order not to go outdated soon.


With a beautiful and elegant screen size of 5.5” iDroid King is a 3G 4G ready smartphone by default and offers latest gestures technology which includes both air and wake up gestures which automatically augment into its handiness. Keeping in view the most wanted features, the phone is loaded with a sharp 13MP rear camera along with 5MP front camera to improve users’ photography and Skype calls experiences. In anticipation of long usage of this gigantic yet soft and milky device, its battery has been powered with 2100 mAh capacity to support your hours long needs. An exceptionally long talking time of 14 hours and 200 hours of standby time are offered in this incredible and technologically sound device. With a mini and a micro sim, a perfect usage of dual sim is supported. Made is such that it is totally scratch resistant with white snowy diagonal lines on its battery cover side. Its pere-installed applications are what makes iDroid King stand out among other android smartphones. Since it is just 145 gm in weight, Its thin yet huge, wide and tall body from front makes the user experience even more enjoyable. Latest iDroBrite and iDroBeast technology is used to enhance better viewership and unmatchable sound quality.

iDROID King 5.5

Since previous iDroid phones have made their best place in the US market as regards market share, product quality, post-purchase services, people have high expectations from this mega gadget and it has been long awaited. iDroid’s brand equity is relentlessly on an up.


Happy Father’s Day from iDROID USA – Get 10% OFF on Every Purchase

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Like so many other special days, father’s day is also celebrated all over the world now. This day is dedicated to fathers as a humble attempt to pay tribute to their unending love for their offspring and for their untiring lifelong struggles that they do. This is a festival honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bond and their vital part and contribution in society development in the form of giving a well groomed and proactive society member. It is usually celebrated on 3rd Sunday of June in most countries of the world but some countries celebrate it on other days too.


Father’s day 2015 is just a few days ahead now. Any celebration and gifts just go hand-in-hand and nobody on earth can find a more precious gift than a father. But now you have got an equally precious one. iDroid USA sells best smartphones in USA with state-of-the-art technology serving Europe, Africa and globally. It is one of the fastest growing smartphone companies in the USA. All product lines are hot-selling and are considered to be the most economical compared with other competitive brands. Smartphones are the best options as father’s day gifts, as they fulfill the criteria of not just dual but multi-purpose gift. And now you can please your beloved king with a handy and smart gadget that he would love.

iDroid is offering a plain 10% off on every single purchase of all iDroid products you make from any display center. Now you can experience a totally novel way of gifting your father a best smartphone by adding his favorite things, installing most useful apps from iDroid hub which keeps an exquisite collection of latest and most innovative applications. Leave messages in his inbox with great wishes and cordial greetings for him. Purchase any accessory, Royal V7, Tango A5 and get a handsome discount. iDroid honors its respectable customers by presenting this opportunity to expand iDroid family. Now you can grab this great deal with great discount and let your father enjoy new horizons of technological wonders. Become an elite iDroidian and win your father’s heart by the depth of his heart by presenting him an awesome gift.

Use Coupon WVFA1K and get discount on every purchase.


How to use Air Gestures and Wake up Gestures of iDROID Royal V7

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Royal V7 is ready to run with the nodes of your hands and fingers and with rightward or leftward cues of your palm. iDROID Royal V7 is offering you the smartest air gestures and wake up gestures. Gesture apps need not be downloaded anymore. Downloading gesture apps in other smartphones might still not work due to absence of supporting hardware (sensor). No matter how smart, easy to use, and efficient apps you download, they will be no use unless your phone is equipped with that necessary built-in equipment gesture technology.

IDROID Royal v7 Air Gesture

Wake Up Gesture iDROIDiDROID ensures full compatibility of such gesture apps before it launches another phone as it is loaded with latest sensors to work for apps. Royal V7 by iDROID USA is now offering you almost everything, a smartphone user can think of. Now u can manipulate your iDROID device with the wave of your hand by going to settings > device > motions n gestures. Using Direct call would enable you to trigger a call by just holding your iDROID v7 up to your ear. Smart alert would let u know about missed notifications by vibrating. You can probably mute or pause it by placing your palm over screen or by flipping your hand over screen. This function can also be activated or deactivated. Palm swipe is an easy gesture and shortcut for screenshot. Setting > personalization > accessibility would take you to another new world of smart gestures. Single tap mode is used to dismiss alarms, notifications, calls, events etc.

Wake up gestures idroid royal

Your iDROID Royal V7 comes with built-in air gestures technology whereby giving you opportunity to browse through multiple tabs by just moving your palm inches away and above your smartphone screen. It is considered rightfully the need of hour to enable you to operate your Royal V7 without having to touch it as a mother might be busy with her infant, or you might be taking your lunch where you cannot afford to touch your expensive smartphone or a mechanic has his hands dipped in oil. So your gestures search would end on iDROID USA smartphones which are replete with gesture apps.

IDROID Royal v7

Royal V7 comes with smart wake up gestures and is equipped to allow you to open your smartphone from sleeping mode to any desirable application. These gestures are customizable so you can draw any pattern of your choice or comfort to create a short cut for any frequently used or favorite application. But it is customary that simple and easy to understand patterns are drawn so that they can actually work. If very long, complicated or twisted patterns are set, those might not prove to be really handy. A simple circle drawn will take you to your dictionary as per your choice. Drawing V can put your torch on or a wave shape might turn your favorite music on. Like any other added function, they can be deactivated by going to settings and unchecking a particular gesture or motion or can be assigned to any other app which is being used more frequently than Camera for which you might draw C.

Air and Wake up gestures are the smartest features of Royal V7 by iDROID USA and they give your smartphone endless gateways for handy and quick usage.


Awesome iDROID Royal V5 Coming Soon? Release Date, Specs, Features & Buzzes Here!

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After tremendous success and popularity of Royal V7, another flagship smartphone Royal V5 is awaited which is expected to be launched around 10th June, 2015. Though this smartphone release date is tentative yet but Royal V5 buzz has really made people keen for its arrival. All stakeholders are looking forward to its launch. As iDROID USA has rapidly gained popularity all over USA due to its finest smartphone technology, next hovering smartphone Royal V5 is also well researched by iDROID’s Research & Development department. Attempts have been made to make it flawless and to make another benchmark device like V7.

Royal V5 by iDROID USA

Specs of Royal V5 seem extremely user friendly and convenient. Its display size is 5’ which is a little less than Royal V7 making it simply handy to fit in a palm. Its thinness is as beautiful as that of Royal V7. With a sharp and amazing back camera of 8 mega Pixels and Android KitKat 4.4 operating system, it is almost set to marvel its user due to quick responsiveness and promptness as well as its smartness and sleekness. Royal V7 had a mega screen size of 5.5’ making it a phablet device which sometimes proves to be difficult for handing. On the contrary, Royal V5 length, width, and girth are ideal for almost everyone making it a beautiful and standard sized smartphone. It can more easily fit in jeans, wallet or a hand bag.

iDROID Royal V5 4G
The most noticeable improvement in Royal V5 is in its battery performance. Since its display size is smaller than Royal V5, its 2100 mAh battery will prove to be substantially efficient. The device will be equipped with more advanced smart gestures. As regards security, there will be added security options to keep your device safe from unauthorized usage. With slightest touch of your fingers’ tips, you will be able to manipulate as the touch is ultra-smooth. QHD screen with its soft yet sharp colors is going to be everywhere in the market soon.

Royal V5 Smartphone Royal V5 Android Factory Unlocked Smartphone iDROID Royal V5 5.5" Smartphone with 4G, Dual SIM
Royal V7, being a cash cow since the beginning till now, has helped do buzz marketing for Royal V5. Royal V7 got best ever reviews in USA market making the next product of Royal series passionately awaited. Dealers and distributors are looking forward to its launch as everyone believes iDROID sells best smartphones in USA. Usually buzz marketing happens to be a marketing tactic for successful launch of a product. In case of Royal V5, iDROID’s proven success track record has itself created a buzz. And product performance will further and justly proportionate the buzz it has received.

iDROID Royal V5 4G


iDROID Devices being upgraded to Android Lollipop 5.0

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iDroid USA smartphones are best and outstanding smartphones in the US market. Very soon these smartphones have grabbed the attention of a major proportion of users.  They are optimally compatible with latest Android 5.0 apps. Tango A5, one of iDroid’s wonderful collection of smartphones portfolio, is now equipped with Lollipop, latest version of Android 5.0. This was already considered a wonderful device with former version KitKat.  Although Lollipop devices in USA are quite rare yet, but iDroid has the honor to have taken a leap towards even better serving its customers and is one of those companies which take care of their customers the most.


Tango A5 is loaded with Lollipop now. You have great options to keep your smartphone safe with this update to Android 5.0. As regards security, now you can use Google’s “Android wear” feature and your device will bypass unlocking your device every few minutes making it extremely convenient to operate your smartphone. Tango user will feel a conspicuous difference in its layout, usability, smoothness, promptness, user interface with more understandable icons and shapes that Lollipop has got to offer. Tango A5 looks much more elegant and beautiful with this newer version. You can hardly keep yourself from falling in love with this amazing smartphone device.

Most Android devices in USA are with older versions yet but all smartphones of iDroid USA will soon be upgraded with the latest version Lollipop 5.0 and iDroid has taken the lead from Tango A5. Journey from KitKat to Lollipop will always be considered a significant milestone covered in the history of Android. As time passes, more and more provisions appear with regard to cyber-crimes due to which it becomes the critical need of hour to keep iDroid’s devices and iDroidians updated. Tango A5 is one of those Lollipop devices in USA which are most economical and with easiest interface as well as design. In quite near future, every single smartphone of iDroid will be offered with Lollipop. Upcoming models of iDroid USA will also be launched with Lollipop 5.0.



Android Lollipop vs Android KitKat – A Realistic Comparison by iDROID USA

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Android is continuously on the go towards advancements. As Android KitKat 4.4 seems a landmark achieved long ago, Android Lollipop release will just be a milestone. But Android Lollipop features are still offering so many attractive things that it has fully taken over from KitKat 4.4. Lollipop has the capacity to support sophisticated technology and features including 64 bit system. Any Android application will be more compatible and synchronized with latest Android OS.

Android Lollipop vs Android KitKat: Battery Life

Project Volta is to help users manage their battery life better than project butter as it was google’s way of making Android feel smoother and slicker. Project Volta is a means to provide help to developers for better determination of elements of apps which might be consuming battery life at an unnecessary rate. As Volta is loaded with capacity to give battery stats, it could also spot potential problem areas. Android Lollipop 5.0 has also been made more compatible with the iDROID USA devices. It has come with a battery saving mode by default. This will ensure maximum and longer battery life of your Android Phone by throttling some naval battery functions. Lollipop is way beyond KitKat with offering several options to increase battery life in comparison with KitKat battery which only offered most basic stats. Lollipop gives extra battery backup of 11 hours on Android devices totaling 83 hours which is 72 hours of standby time on KitKat.

KitKat & Lollipop ScreenShotsAndroid 5.0 Lollipop vs Android KitKat: Security

Google has offered Android wear and your current location features from security point of view. Kitkat just had pattern locks, facial recognition and blink of eye. Although they were really good enough but making it more convenient to avoid unlocking your device every few minutes, Android wear will detect your shiny smart watch nearby your smartphone as an authentication tool to bypass unlocking and you will be able to access all of your data. Your current location feature will designate some acquaintance zones like office or home where your phone will switch off your lock code. With ease and usefulness of both of these features of not having to unlock your device again, it can contain some potential security risks as well. For instance, in case your phone and smart watch are stolen, your whole data will be accessed.

KitKat & Lollipop Security


Mother’s Day Gifts by iDROID USA – Give Mom the Royal V7 and get $40 Off

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Mother's Day

Mother’s day is a great occasion to express your love for your Mom. Moms are so selfless. We have to take care of our Mom’s on the Mother’s day. A simple “Happy Mother’s day” brings a big smile on Moms’ faces all over the world.

Gifts are the best way to share your feelings with your beloved ones. They are kept as memories and are seldom forgotten. They get associated with days, persons and places. Gift choice can be critically important and require aesthetic sense. A useful gift that Mom can use every day will be appreciated more than something that will be stored in the attic.

iDROID USA wants to share all of your hearty and empathetic feelings for your kind and lovely mothers and cordially greets you with “Happy Mother’s Day”.

iDroid is giving a $40 off on all our phones for Your Mom!