iDROID USA Congratulates Mayweather on his Victory

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Fight of the Century

Floyd Mayweather Vs Manny Pacquiao! Fight of the century or scam of the century! It is matter of least importance over the globe about whether mayweather fight was a scam or not. But MayWeather news is on apex and finally the debate is over. The event is being taken in many different perspectives as regards Mayweather’s victory. Countless controversies are arising regarding both fighters, discussing Manny Pacquiao’s defeat due to a severe injury in shoulder (as he claims).

iDROID USA pays a cordial tribute to once retired boxer who revived in his boxing sport after about 7 years. With a perfect  professional bouts record of 47 wins and 0 losses, MayWeather has become the richest money maker sportsman ever in the history with an ultimate reward of which $100 million was given as a down payment and about $200 million by the end of Pay-Per-View. Floyd MayWeather is just 38 years old and is still undefeated. He previously announced retirement in 2008 when he was just 31 years old with a splendid historic career of no defeat.

Fight between two legendary fighters, labeled as the Fight of the Century, Battle for Greatness or legacy was a contest between Manny Pacquiao (the eight division world champion) vs. an undefeated five division world champion Floyd MayWeather. MayWeather won the bout with a unanimous decision where he scored points 116-112 and 118-110 by two judges.

Floyd has been claiming to have done even more than boxing legends like Muhammad Ali and Myke Tyson did for boxing and he has had to bear severe splashes of criticism from them in response. Undoubtedly, a historical fighter but Floyd receives comments from Muhammad Ali’s daughter who is herself a boxer, “I see a little boy, even though he’s a grown man, and I see a broken person.” She further said, “She does not like the way he acts and she does not like the way he treats people.

Floyd MayWeather net worth as well as Manny Pacquiao net worth changed dramatically after they have met head to head, nose to nose and fist to fist. In nutshell, this history will bring both fighters to a whole new level in their boxing career not only in terms of their experience but also regarding their net worth.


How to Factory Reset your Android Phone

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Before jumping back to reset an Android Phone, user needs to ensure going to Options and backing up the necessary data. On your mobile, go to Settings Menu, under “Personal” touch back up & reset and then under “Personal Data” touch factory data reset. iDROID USA the best Android Phones, offered Tango A5 with easiest ever interface and where different options can be readily and more quickly accessed than other Android Smartphones.

There can be multiple reasons that even Latest Android Smartphone might need to be reset. Your Phone might be taking too long with apps loading too slowly, the underlying reason of which might be less ROM space. You might have been using your device for quite too long where you cannot manage anymore to cope up with the irritating processing speed of your once best Android phone. A customer Service person may suggest it to help with the connection issues and many more.

iDROID Tango A5

Home screen of iDroid Tango A5

Backup & Reset

Enter Settings Menu and Click on “Backup & Reset

 Factory Data Reset

In Backup & Reset menu, Click on “Factory Data Reset

Reset Phone

Click on “Reset Phone

Erase Everything

Click on “Erase Everything

 You need to make sure to have saved all the necessary information that does not sync to the cloud on your phone before performing this process. Your card data will remain safe unless you choose to format it too but text messages and other setting will not be saved.

Taking complete back up, removing SIM card as well as SD card is highly recommended as factory reset is often likely to damage your phone if proper precautionary measures are not taken. It is also suggested that your phone be charged 50%.

There are two options, upon dialing this code you will be asked and confirmed for formatting. But it is highly recommended to preserve all of your data as in some cases dialing this code will not ask for any confirmation.

In some phones you can have almost all the boxes ticked when you go for factory reset and in some other instances, you can do all by your own will and wish with what to delete or what not to by selecting a few particular boxes that you desire to format in factory reset.

Last but not the least, if you are in need to hard reset your phone, system restore option will be used. In case the mobile is locked, no other method will seem to work except system restore option. That is the reason it is also called hard reset because it will work even if your phone is locked.

Hard Reset

This screen will be visible by hard pressing volume down key and power key simultaneously for some time. Navigation will be through volume up and down keys as screen touch will be dysfunctional while hard resetting your phone.


iDROID KING set to Launch, iDROID USA Repeats its Powerful Tradition of Making Excellent Phones

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iDROID USA is set to launch iDROID KING diversifying its smartphone range which already includes top-notch handsets that are available in the market. iDROID USA continues to inspire the general public with its mesmerizing gadgets. This phone is similar to iDROID Royal V7, a phone that made a mark with its sheer performance and futuristic design.

iDROID KING iiDROID King K7 –The  Latest Android Smartphone of 2015s compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile, the phone is unlocked and it has dual-sim feature which allows one to be in contact with the world by using multiple operators. This mobile phone uses GSM technology which is widely used throughout the world. King can be carried all around the world because it is unlocked and can be used by the carrier of your choice. 4G LTE, is a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals. So what I mean to say that it is 4G LTE enabled. It supports APN settings of all GSM carriers specially the AT&T and T-Mobile.

The other key features include 16 GB ROM, Cortex A7 Quad-core processor, 13.0 MP rear Auto Focus camera with flash, 5.0 MP selfie camera with live video recording at 1080P, plus it has a long battery life, you can download lots of games straight from Google play store. It has a 5.5” QHD OGS IPS display and 3D technology that enhances the thrilling experience of gaming on the iDROID KING. Up to 4 hours of talk-time and standby time of 120 hours is sufficient enough for you to spend a busy day at the office. Check your email on the go and always be in touch with your friends and family on this amazing phone. It is Google maps enabled so if you are in search of a destination you can immediately configure it on this phone. Google maps have the following features:

  • Share your map like you do a Google Doc.
  • Import locations from a spreadsheet.
  • Organize your places with layers.


detailed design of idroid king K55S latest android phone in usa 2015look of latest android phone

All kinds of MS office related work, pdf, ppt, xls files can be managed with ease on this phone. This powerful phone makes sure all kind of documents are handled in the best possible manner.


iDroid USA partners with K&B Wireless to distribute its Smart Phones in the Southern States of United States of America.

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iDroid USA partners with K&B Wireless to distribute its Smart Phones in the Southern States of United States of America.

iDROIDInc. has partnered with K&B Wireless to distribute iDroids to Cell Phone Dealers and Retailers in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina.

iDROID USA was founded in 2012 as a smart phone and Tablet manufacturer based out of Houston, Texas, USA.

K&B Wireless was established in 1998 and has distribution warehouses in three states. K&B Wireless already distributes products fromT-mobile, GoSmart, PREPAID, Que andVonage.

Mobile phone dealers in the above states can contact K&B wireless direct for iDroids and iDroid Retail marketing Kits including Banner stands, Wall Decals, Window Decals and Shelf phone holders.

Contact info:

K&B Wireless.


iDroid Inc.

(215) 589-7118.



iDROID Royal V7 –The Best Android Smartphone of 2015

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With the friendliest interface ever, Royal V7 is offering smartest features with wonderful specifications. You are definitely going to rate it one of the cheapest and best android smartphones ever. With several positive aberrations, the interface has been particularly designed for ease and quickness. It is equipped with the latest version of world’s most popular operating system for mobile phones and tablets.

A quick recap on some of its attractive features might describe the device better.

You can set up your phone now to get automatic weather forecasts even before the start of the day on daily bases. It will even alert you about traffic jams on the road when you leave for office or home with a commute traffic feature. Location reporting or location history is always on your fingertips. But if due to any concern, history recording is not desired, you can opt for a pause with your discretion in settings. Device is articulately designed to access all third party apps information too but only if opted so. For example if you have set up an appointment with dentist via a calendar other than that of this device, it will still check the pre-requisites like traffic and suggest how early to leave. iDROID Royal V7 –The Best Android Smartphone of 2015
iDROID Royal V7 –The Best Android Smartphone of 2015 You can perform so many actions using artificial intelligence and features like voice input, voice searches where you canget directions and send messages and so many other actions can be performed. Examples include:


  • Setting of alarm
  • Sending mail to your boss
  • Navigate to a place on Google maps


Quick settings is just another smart feature built in which can be used to access things which might frequently need to be changed. You can manipulate brightness, open main menu for settings, and switch Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on.  Besides, from a security perspective, it offers multiple options to lock the device whichever suits a user the most. For more than one user, you would need to go to your respective image showing at the bottom of screen which will show your lock option which can be a code, face detection, or pattern. From among these, face detection is least recommended as it is least safe compared with a pin, password, or pattern. It is only convenient and easy to use but not reliable. Another thing which is added to it to augment its strength is a blink of eye to prevent your face detection while you are asleep. More efficient and homogeneous face matching and alivenesscan make your lock more reliable and secure.

Heavy files can be sent by bringing any other smartphone close or back to back. If you want to view anything in your mobile on your television screen, it is quite simple now. Chrome cast is a small device that needs to be plugged in your TV. So videos, images, music can be straightly sent to your TV, it is one of the best features of Royal V7.

Last but not the least, your smartphone is never out of your reach now, if it is lost or stolen, you can make it ring, erase data, lock it permanently or find its approximate location.

iDROID Royal V7