Best Valentine Smartphone Deal 2016

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iDROID USA is offering the best valentine smartphone deal for the iDroidians all over the USA. Valentine’s day is celebrated on 14th of February each year. Though it is not a public holiday in most of the countries, it is the day which is observed to express our love for our dear ones in letter and spirit. It is a day on which people in a relationship keenly pursue to buy gifts for their beloved. If you want to go out or stay in, watch a movie or go out to the club, these are the tough decisions that take a toll on your mind. But buying a smartphone will definitely prove to be worth it.

Best Valentine Smartphone deal

Mostly people buy traditional things like roses, chocolates, and cards but very few have the idea of giving them a brand new smartphone. iDROID USA is supporting this idea by offering huge discount on its very popular flagship smartphone, iDROID Tango 2. You’ll definitely find a better value for your money if you avail this offer. Factory unlocked iDROID Tango 2 can be purchased at $94.99, down from $169.99 on this valentine offering $75 off. Go here:

Best Valentine Smartphone deal

Royal V7, Tango A5, Royal V5,  and Majesty are all very decent looking handsets but iDROID USA encourages you folks to buy their most selling and commendable smartphone, iDROID Tango 2 in two pretty colors (Black & White), at 44%. Tango 2 has an 8 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front camera with front flash. A 5.0” QHD IPS screen gives you the perfect experience and due to its convenient size, you can grip it perfectly in your hand. Valentine special deals for the general public are offered at this occasion by many companies but iDROID maintains the honor to give a huge discount like no other company.

Best Valentine Smartphone deal

Valentines’ gifts for the lovers could be many but a shiny new smartphone is something worth it. iDROID USA is offering the best valentine smartphone deal which is so good that it will attract all of you. Now you can get the best out of iDROID USA on this valentine.  We even celebrate this day with the people who suffer from desperation and longing on valentine day.  The people who are single and looking for boyfriends and girlfriends, we want to tell you that we care and we are with you on this day so there is no need to panic or be unhappy.

Best Valentine Smartphone deal


Future of Smartphones in 2020

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Future of smartphones in 2020 is being anticipated with unbelievable novel features. Android smartphones are being purchased by a large number of people every day on account of their attractive designs and hiccup-free performance.  So far we have received not one complaint about smartphones produced by iDROID USA. Since the inception of smartphones, the tech world probably has never witnessed such rapid changes as in telecom industry. A phone in your usage just two years ago will be considered fairly outdated today. Royal V7 has been designed by iDROID USA keeping in mind the changing trends in technology these days.

future of smartphones in 20202

How far in the future can we look into? We are at the beginning of a great technological revolution apropos future of smartphones in 2020. The revolution is so rapid and advanced that nothing like it has been seen ever before. Mobile industry is the world’s fastest growing industry after all. Smartphones’ penetration in market went from a mere 18% in the year 2010 to 72% just four years later in 2014. The market may be beginning to saturate but that doesn’t mean industry is not going to innovate. I actually think the smartphone industry is just getting warmed up and many innovations are awaited. The big question is, “where is this all going and what is there in store for the future?” Let’s answer this today and take a look at what the future may be holding. A phone is a most complex and mass produced consumer product in history. A typical smartphone includes highly integrated circuits, a wide array of sensors and processes. But future is anticipating much more than this. Curved screens, virtual mobiles, hologram technology are a few of those innovations which are being awaited.

future of smartphones in 2020

The speed of technology has radically accelerated in recent years and will have accelerated even more as per future of smartphones in 2020 tells us . Suppose somebody dead suddenly turns alive, he or she will be shocked by the technological advancements of our society. He will be deeply impressed by the revolution technology has brought about in modern day society. Can you possibly imagine a future world when you operate a virtual smartphone on your palm? Things, people do over a vast stretch of time, will be performed in the blink of an eye and the click of a button. iDROID Majesty has the ability to become a phone of the future as it incorporates a wonderful design and the latest software is installed in it.

future of smartphones in 2020

Now we shall look at some of the cons of future smartphones in 2020. The radiations emitting from our smartphones, the scientists say, can be harmful to human health. They are damaging the living blood cells in our body which is causing premature deaths. However, it is not as harmful as it sounds but it has adverse effects on our skin as it absorbs electromagnetic rays from our phone. iDROID Tango 2 is made to enhance the communication needs of the individual and has been designed to emit much less radiations as compared to other handsets.

future of smartphones in 2020

In the future, cars will be connected to your smartphones with apps like the Audi Automatic Self Parking System. Cars would get smarter with the inclusion of smartphone technology and you could easily control the car via your smartphone. Even while sitting in your car, sensors will be fitted into its dashboard that will obey your commands in the air. You just rotate your hand anti-clockwise to lower the volume and clock-wise to increase it. Similarly you can control other social media applications by the wave of your hand.

future of smartphones in 2020

In future there will be phones in the shape of a ring. The ring will consist of a Holographic projector, front camera, ear piece, a wireless rechargeable battery, a rear camera and a microphone. Such will be the future of smartphones in 2020 with advanced technology incorporated into them. It will be used as a phone and also as a tablet. Future games will require a beefy GPU and CPU, which is really going to drive the sales of the devices. Smartphones could be upgraded like Personal computers as one might feel the need to upgrade his/her smartphone when it is getting slower.

Samsung is introducing the “Samsung Flexible phone”. Google is working on “Project Ara” with better cameras and every part of the phone will be replaceable. So any part such as a cracked screen could simply be replaced by a new one. Nokia F1 will be producing the Nokia Flexible band in the near future.  Smartphones in the future could be folded and moulded. For instance, a 10” tablet could be folded into a 5” smartphone, that is what the future could hold for us.


iDROID SIMU – World’s First Luganda Language Smartphone Ever

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iDROID Simu is the first ever Smartphone in Luganda language. The people of Uganda, especially the masses, have received it with great zest and enthusiasm. And we are getting a flood of orders from Uganda and we are trying to meet them as soon as possible. iDROID Simu will prove to be one of the best android smartphones produced by iDROID USA as it is light weight and fulfils the need of every Ugandan because the language barrier has been surpassed and now every Ugandan will be able to communicate with others in their native language which is Luganda language. It is a tri-lingual phone with Swahili and English as the other languages.


Kareem AbuBakr, a native of Uganda is proud to own this phone and the proof of his pride is his photograph with the phone. He adores the phone because he can use it freely and easily with other people of Uganda who can speak and understand their own mother tongue.


It is unique because it is solid and strongly built without being heavy to carry in your bag or even in your pocket. The Ugandans are thrilled to experience this awesomely featured smartphone all programmed in Luganda language and they are eager to buy it as it comes under an affordable price-tag.


It makes your shopping easier, memorable with its special camera. It can take snapshots of the articles you want to buy like shoes, shirts, shorts etc and take pictures of your family members and friends.


When you buy an iDROID SIMU you become a part of iDROID family. In other words you become an iDroidian and this change for you, we expect to be a healthy change.

In addition to its innovation and superior quality it sells at a very competitive price. These features will make you our permanent client and you will always feel that you made the right choice at the right time.


iDROID USA Offering Generous Discounts Even on Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday follows Thanksgiving. The term was coined by marketing companies to encourage people to shop online. Conventional or offline shopping is slow and uninteresting. Online shopping comes to the rescue of shoppers as it is quick and convenient.


Offline shopping is time consuming and in this age of fast communication, people can hardly afford to waste time just on shopping. When you are doing it online, you can choose from different designs and color schemes. For instance if you want to buy a smartphone or some other product which has become more fashionable and the talk of the town, you can do so very easily online. Another feature of online shopping is its convenience, you don’t have to carry cash with you, which is quite risky but when you are going to do shopping online you just carry with you your visa or debit/credit card which can find a ready place in your wallet or bag.

Cyber-Monday Sale

We would like to remind you that we made you such an offer on Black Friday as well and that offer is valid even on cyber Monday. A very large percentage of traders believe that their sales boosted up on “Cyber Monday”. The cyber Monday deals are exclusively offered on so that people can benefit from them and buy smartphones for their friends and family if they haven’t shopped yet. The term was invented by Ellen Davis but it was Tony Valado who framed the idea of such a holiday in 2003 while surrounded by Thousands of flowers and must have been inspired by their beautiful shapes.

idroid-king-discount cyber monday


iDROID USA as a smartphone manufacturing firm is holding cyber Monday to which all of you are invited to do retail shopping online on This will convince the iDroidians about the value of the purchase they have made, in addition to making online shopping more popular.

Now the highest advantage of cyber Monday is that it will gradually replace offline shopping and serve as another feather in the cap of technology. iDROID USA is providing very attractive Cyber Monday 2015 deals. Though science is the basis of technology, technology is our future hope and cyber Monday is a positive contribution to our technology.

tangoA5_03-discount cyber monday

tango2_cyber monday









We would like to affirm that when you shop on cyber Monday 2015 at you will get generous discounts on specific items that you buy.


iDROID USA offers Massive DISCOUNTS this Black Friday

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Black-Friday Promotions

Black Friday is the shopping day following the blessed Thanksgiving Day. It is called Black Friday because on that day a large number of shoppers come out on the streets and cause traffic jams and there is quite a probability of accidents. The crowds turn up in huge numbers at the local stores to celebrate exciting deals on this grand shopping gala. Unusually hefty amount of people enter the shops at the same time and fill out the streets as well resulting in distasteful and troublesome situation. The law enforcing agencies are on their toes the whole time to prevent any incidents from happening. The term Black Friday was originally coined in 1966. Black Friday deals also mark the start of the shopping season for Christmas.

iDROID USA is also offering, for the first time, mega discounts on some of its products. This sale opportunity is being provided for a period of 4 days from 26th to 29th of November 2015. Last year the Black Friday sales went very well which is why iDROID USA decided to give huge discounts this Black Friday as well. iDROID Tango A5 (Black) and iDROID Tango 2 (White & Black) are being offered at attractive prices of $84.99 (Last Price: $149.99) and $95.99 (Last Price: $169.99) respectively, discounting 43%.

You can grab these products by filling out the form on this page Coupon codes are written at the bottom of the phones. Due to the high demand of Tango 2 it has been placed on sale this Black Friday. iDROID USA is proud to announce its Black Friday deals and promotions all over the US for these 4 days. Once you are at the Black Friday page, fill out the form which will take you to the product page.  You will be asked to provide the coupon code and then avail this great opportunity. Limited stock is available so hurry up and grab these Black Friday deals and promotions. iDROID USA wishes a safe but joyous Black Friday to the world.


Select your Nearest iDROID Store using Store Locator on the Website

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iDROID USA the fastest growing smartphone manufacturing company has made a page specifically for you to find iDROID stores in your desired area. You can select the nearest iDROID store in your particular region by clicking the store locator link on the website. iDROID USA takes pleasure to have over 1000 stores across USA. The dynamic design of store locator makes it easy for you to find the store that is the nearest to your location.

Store Locator iDROID USA

You can physically view the products by visiting these stores. You can check out these products and see if they satisfy your choice of a smartphone or any other devices that you may like. Just select your state and click on the red pointed thing on the map to view the desired address of a particular store. You can ask for the extended warranty of the product, you wish to buy. If the particular iDROID device has bugs in it, there is 100% replacement of iDROID products. Visit the Store locator by clicking this link:

These stores also have all the accessories related to iDROID products. You can ask for the flip cases, extra batteries, chargers, hand-frees from these stores. Even if you break your screen, they have the spare parts available so you don’t have to worry about anything. Each and every part of the phone is available at these stores and therefore can be replaced for the phones under warranty.  Every kind of after sales service is provided to the iDroidians. If you are not satisfied with the service you can always mail your complaints at and our vigilant customer services agents will get back to you as quickly as they can.

In order to enhance your shopping experience we have made this section just for your ease and comfort. Very few companies have their own store locator built into their parent website and iDROID is surely one to excel in this era of technology. This is a revolutionary step taken by iDROID USA to shine in the field of advance customer service. Our goal is to satisfy each and every one of you by providing you with the latest technology solutions for smartphones, wearables and tablets.