iDROID Royal V4 and iDROID Royal V5 make their mark in the history of iDROID USA

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A big day on 10th July, 2015 has just passed in the history of iDROID USA presenting new models of its ROYAL series of smartphones. Royal V5 and Royal V4 have successfully made their mark in African territories, at Guvnor club, Kampala with their stunning outlooks, astounding durability and 3D features technology. Their launch brought a lovely evening with celebrities like Mun’G, Sheebah, and Nutty Neithan and other popular TV Personalities like, Carol Flower, brand ambassadors of iDroid USA. A euphonic beat “iDROID Town” was recorded by the five at this wonderful occasion of smartphones launch. Seldom are events this much attractive and praised as V4 and V5 launch like adorable evening.


Both smartphones are aimed for a pocket friendly budget as were Royal V7 and Tango A5. Royal V5 is just an identical twin of V7 in just 499000 UGX with a 5’ super gorilla display which is almost unbreakable and comes in black and white colors with extra back covers to suit your mood. Royal V4 is offered in as low price as 459000 UGX. Both, V5 and V4 incorporate ultrafast QuadCore processor, Air & Wake up gesture technology, special iDro Beast (sound) technology and iDro Brite (display) technology, a huge collection of smart and intelligent apps on iDroid hub. Live streaming of the event brought great awe among all viewers as it was one of the most memorable nights ever. A splendid video of a nail being hammered with V4 screen was shown before newly launched smartphones were honorarily given to iDROID brand ambassadors making these smartphones awe-inspiring.


All laud and credit goes to company’s Chief Marketing Officer and Cofounder Jawad Qureshi whose efforts are taking the company to a new level of prosperity by leaps and bounds. Jawad Qureshi also thanked his other cofounders Shabaz Khan, Zubeer ,M Adeel and Salman for their collaborative efforts, dedication and commitment.



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