iDroid USA Prepares to Avoid Operational Hindrances in Anticipation of JUNO Blizzard

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Blizzard, a combination of heavy snow and high winds, which causes severe invisibility and can be devastatingly more disorienting in rural areas lacking buildings than those areas populated with skyscrapers. A snowstorm, as per meteorological criteria, must meet the following conditions to be called JUNO.


  • Persistence for as long as 3 hours.
  • General visibility less than 0.25 mile.
  • Wind blowing with an average speed of more than 35 m/h.
  • Heavy and/or blowing snow.

wind speed and gusts-JUNO Blizzard

JUNO blizzard is being expected to fall quite horribly on many of USA states and on dozens of counties. Seven states in USA are directly vulnerable and 28 million people are likely to get affected due to this winter storm JUNO.Northeast regions Burlington, Bangor, Boston, Springfield and New York are more exposed and susceptible to JUNO.It could be the biggest Northeast snowstorm in 2 years. The storm conditions, according to forecasts, might persist for as long as 3 hours and general visibility will be less than 0.25 mile. Winds will blow with an average speed of more than 35 m/h as well as heavy blowing of snow is expected. Meteorologists say, the above conditions might not be persisting in many areas simultaneously but still travelling or attempts to venture out in snowy and windy conditions might prove to be fatal. This storm could dump as much as 3 feet of snow overnight. Potential threats intimate about JUNO to become thunder snow which might be drastic.


iDROID USA offers its pardons in advance if any of our valued customer observes a delay of 24 hours on our Amazon or EBay stores. Preventive measures are already being taken to avoid any kind of losses and damages. However iDROID USA will be taking care of all of its shipments to be on time. iDROID USA got informed well before time and has sped up deferred shipments as a pause is expected for quite some time in every walk of life, but our all outlets will remain fully operative. All of our business partners, stakeholders, retailers, distributors, are on alert to avoid any kind of disruptions in smooth transportation.


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