Selfie Fans Celebrate with Tango 2 by iDROID USA

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iDROID USA has launched yet another marvel in the form of Tango 2 which is basically the successor of Tango A5. This phone is equipped with the latest machinery available in the smartphone industry. From a powerful processor to a decent chip-set and from an impressive rear camera to a slim design, Tango 2 has it all to bear your high expectations and a touch of class suited to your unique personalities.

Tango 2


Tango 2 Android Phone


Here I would like to talk about the camera as the subject of our discussion.  Tango 2 has a selfie camera with a flash which makes it different from other phones. This unique yet impressive feature is bound to attract people from every walk of life. They should grab this excellent opportunity and finally conclude their search for the right smartphone. This camera tingles with your extra-sensory organs and captures extra-ordinary photos with details of your moods and expressions. This selfie snapper is not as highly specced but it does the job pretty well. The ultra sharp flash accompanies the selfie specialist to make your pictures reach heights of perfection and flawlessness. The camera can make pictures even in the pitch dark on account of its amazing flash and the picture it takes in broad day-light are as clear as day light. The dual-flash helps when the light is as dim as a poor man’s candle. The pictures taken from this smartphone are not only extra attractive but also super clear.

Air Gestures


iDROID Tango 2  Music Phone


I would like to talk about some other features that the phone has like the Air and Wake gestures. These features as you all know allow you to easily handle your smartphone. Air gesture helps you go through your gallery simply by the swipe of your palm without actually touching the super responsive 2.5D Gorilla glass screen. Although the screen is 5” but it looks bigger than that as it is stretched from top to bottom with an edge to edge design.

iDROID Tango 2 Pictures


iDROID Tango 2 Photos

It has a powerful battery which once charged lasts longer than batteries in other phones. The phone supports 3G and 4G connectivity which makes the internet run at a fast speed. It is delicate and pencil slim and very pretty. The phone comes in two colors – black & white which makes it a special beauty. An additional feature of this phone is the quality of the screen which is made of Gorilla glass and is durable and finger friendly. The fingers enjoy dialing it and never feel tired.

iDROID Tango 2 Music Android Phone


How to get the Best User Experience with the iDROID King 5.5 Inch Smartphone

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iDROID USA’s latest smartphone is recently launched and is made available all over USA. Extensively researched, economically priced, artistically beautifully made is the magnificent new smartphone piece. Its color combination with snow white base and red embellishment gives this gadget a royal look. The wait is over now. The most sophisticated yet stylish smartphone is on a huge go. It has been the topic of discussions of many smartphone lovers since it is a gigantic phone-cum-tablet of 5.5 inches. Here are five most tinted facts about iDROID King which you will be surprised to know. These facts will help you do your chores more conveniently and reliably. There were mysterious kinds of rumors about new features that iDROID King would carry in. Situation is fairly clear now.

Longer hours of battery usage

With ultimate battery backup of 2100 mAh, now you can spend maximum time on your smartphone without having to charge it. Reason for which is that battery backup is extraordinary and intelligent made of this best android phone in order to boost your iDROID user experience. Its power saving mode works very efficiently. Though the soft keys’ light is slightly lowered and dimmed but the phone performance really never goes awry. Now you can simply go to Settings menu and reach battery options to turn power saving mode on.

king 1 copy

Upgraded Camera

Equipped with fully up to the mark camera, iDROID King was already being anticipated with a great front and back eye. It is ready to make your experience even more delightful with its double tap feature to get into camera in a moment. iDROID users are really going to love this feature. Other than that, picture HD quality is even more enhanced. In fact, iDROID has offered the best camera in King compared with its other android phones.

king 3 copy1

Smartest air and wake up gestures ever

It is high time to save your precious time since time is money. Use your phone using air and wake up gestures technology and get rid of unlocking your smartphone again and again. Your swiping will do the work of your commanding. Your waving will do you the favor of swiping through different screens. Just go to Settings menu and check air and wake up gestures.

king 2 copy

Best 3D experience

With a full 5.5’ screen size of iDROID King, experience the sheer reality of life with naked eye. See things as if they are happening just in front of you and you will feel like getting away from any horror and joining in an attractive and appealing ambience. Not even a site actually in front of you could ever give you so mesmerizing experience that iDROID King has got to offer.

king 4 copy

iDROID King is declared to be the most awaited device for iDROIDians. Keeping in view its most unique and desirable features, everyone would like to switch from his old iDROID android smartphone to enjoy best user experience.