Best Android Smartphone Anatomy

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iDROID USA is said to have been producing the Best Android Smartphone from the beginning up till now and has become one of the top companies in Android based phones throughout the world.  iDROID USA is a solid partner of the iDroidians and will encourage them to buy their latest devices as soon as they are launched. Android in general is the most widely used operating system. Google has launched many versions, the latest being the Lollipop and Marshmallow. Android is a powerful operating system supporting largest number of applications in smartphones.

Android 6.0 makes a best android smartphone

Android Lollipop has come out of its hatching phase and it’s been almost a year that it’s around. It has been a success and it will be remembered as a remarkable part in the Google’s android history. Android Lollipop 5.0 appeared in 2014. It has certain features which people disliked and now the latest version appears in a more attractive design by discarding some of its unattractive features. The most important change in Android Lollipop in contrast to Kit Kat is its visual design. Though its design is changed, its functioning remains essentially the same. It’s very clean and seems to be made of almost visible layers and it behaved more or less like a computer than the old android. Android Lollipop doesn’t appeal only visually but it has also a smooth performance and it seems to function against a number of lower-end devices. The way android Lollipop 5.0 manages memory has enormously changed.

Android Lollipop vs Marshmallow; operating systems of best android smartphone

Android Marshmallow 6.0 is the latest version of Android OS. It doesn’t have just new features but improvements over Lollipop as well. The user interface is very easy to handle because not much has changed. If you have already handled Lollipop you will have no trouble in managing this operating system. The most significant change is the inclusion of an app search bar. With the help of this, you can readily tap in a few letters and trace the app you are searching. This is the fastest way to find something placed in the app drawer and it is certainly a commendable addition.

Best Android Smartphone

In the near future, shall have Android Marshmallow and you should look forward to buying some of these phones as they will be exceptionally and attractively placed on the market.


The Most Awaited Tango 2 Officially Announced by iDROID USA

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iDROID USA an emerging telecom company has launched another phone which is an extension of Tango A5 and is named as Tango 2. It keeps on making devices that are user-friendly and loved by the loyal iDroidians. The Company’s R&D department keeps tabs on the availability of excellently equipped devices and carefully designed gadgets keeping in view the taste and class of its customers.

With an improved IPS OGS screen, Tango 2 has so many unique things to offer compared with the older Tango A5. Although Tango 2 also has 5.0 inch display but its screen size is fairly bigger if compared with Tango A5 as the screen covers wider area from edge to edge. Sharp and enhanced screen colors augment in the beauty of this newly launched intelligent device. Tango 2 carries an extra special 2.5D Gorilla Glass Screen which makes it stand out from other huge product line of iDROID USA. It gives you an exquisite royal, milky and glassy image simply making it an elegant gadget.

DROID Tango 2

Compactness, handiness yet completeness in its flawless made makes it a worthwhile smartphone piece. Affordable in just a pocket-friendly price, it is a complete smartphone solution. Sleek, smart, sensuous appearance with all the requisite features optimally found in this smart solution will make you fall in love with your Tango 2. Another very noticeable and worthy thing is the handiness of its power button placement. It is on neither edge rather it is on upper side where you can control your smartphone the best. On left side are the volume keys. Overall the design gives you solidity and firmness in your grip and user will never feel like Tango 2 slips from palm which often happens in case of several other smartphones. Though Tango A5 also offered 8MP Camera with flash with 2MP selfie cam but Tango 2 has offered the most unique feature ever. It has got a sneaky yet flashy front cam which will give your personal portrays an entirely novel look. Very sharp, high res images, can be had from Tango 2’s wonderful front camera. Selfie cams are not usually found with flashes but Tango 2 has made an exception and the users will be amused.

Tango 2-5

iDROID USA, since its first launch, has been on the quest of offering the most unique features for its loyal customers. Royal V7 was a conspicuous example since it always was rated an A class phone. iDROID relentlessly resumes its mission to always gratify its patronizers by offering extreme utility in its product line of smartphones.


4th of July Celebration Sale at iDROID USA

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4th of July is the US Independence day which is marked by extreme patriotic, heroic and brave deeds and displays. US citizens still take thrilling pride in their heroes and legends who have sacrificed their lives for the cause of freedom centuries ago because they feel a deep, hearty and cordial association and affiliation towards their ancestors and forefathers. The bloodshed could never be forgotten that took place to save generations from slavery. It is said that freedom is never taken pricelessly and only nations have the courage to pay that what is required like it so happened on 4th July, 1776 when America was declared an independent country from Great Britain. And then forthcoming leaders stick to their predecessors’ visions and missions, only then they emerge as strong nations as United States of America.


iDroid USA keeps and maintains the honor to be in the vanguard for celebrating 4th of July in letter and spirit by joining hands with American nation in commemoration of their heroes. iDroid USA, despite being best android smartphone company, wants to keep the traditions and values alive in the hearts of its valued customers. iDroid USA indiscriminately takes active part to inculcate and nurture patriotic spirit in every American. iDroid indeed does what it takes to be through toughest times successfully and wants to build same kind of high morale in iDroidians and the rest.

On 4th of July sales are expected to rise by leaps and bounds due to an unprecedented discount of 10% offered on every sale of iDroid product. Come forth on this memorable day and join hands with one of the fastest growing smartphone companies of USA to express your heartiest greetings for your country. iDroid phones are most economical and durable. They are sold at about 500 mobile shops in different states of America. They have been made available extensively. Besides, iDroid is just on the verge of launching several new smartphones devices. They are even more sophisticated and refined as regards technological advancement. So after its big hits of Royal V7, Tango A5, many new horizons are about to appear in the market soon. A time quite in near future is hovering over heads when iDroid phones will be indispensible for everyone to have. So it is a great discount opportunity to benefit yourself.

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Happy 4th of July from iDroid USA!