Future of Smartphones in 2020

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Future of smartphones in 2020 is being anticipated with unbelievable novel features. Android smartphones are being purchased by a large number of people every day on account of their attractive designs and hiccup-free performance.  So far we have received not one complaint about smartphones produced by iDROID USA. Since the inception of smartphones, the tech world probably has never witnessed such rapid changes as in telecom industry. A phone in your usage just two years ago will be considered fairly outdated today. Royal V7 has been designed by iDROID USA keeping in mind the changing trends in technology these days.

future of smartphones in 20202

How far in the future can we look into? We are at the beginning of a great technological revolution apropos future of smartphones in 2020. The revolution is so rapid and advanced that nothing like it has been seen ever before. Mobile industry is the world’s fastest growing industry after all. Smartphones’ penetration in market went from a mere 18% in the year 2010 to 72% just four years later in 2014. The market may be beginning to saturate but that doesn’t mean industry is not going to innovate. I actually think the smartphone industry is just getting warmed up and many innovations are awaited. The big question is, “where is this all going and what is there in store for the future?” Let’s answer this today and take a look at what the future may be holding. A phone is a most complex and mass produced consumer product in history. A typical smartphone includes highly integrated circuits, a wide array of sensors and processes. But future is anticipating much more than this. Curved screens, virtual mobiles, hologram technology are a few of those innovations which are being awaited.

future of smartphones in 2020

The speed of technology has radically accelerated in recent years and will have accelerated even more as per future of smartphones in 2020 tells us . Suppose somebody dead suddenly turns alive, he or she will be shocked by the technological advancements of our society. He will be deeply impressed by the revolution technology has brought about in modern day society. Can you possibly imagine a future world when you operate a virtual smartphone on your palm? Things, people do over a vast stretch of time, will be performed in the blink of an eye and the click of a button. iDROID Majesty has the ability to become a phone of the future as it incorporates a wonderful design and the latest software is installed in it.

future of smartphones in 2020

Now we shall look at some of the cons of future smartphones in 2020. The radiations emitting from our smartphones, the scientists say, can be harmful to human health. They are damaging the living blood cells in our body which is causing premature deaths. However, it is not as harmful as it sounds but it has adverse effects on our skin as it absorbs electromagnetic rays from our phone. iDROID Tango 2 is made to enhance the communication needs of the individual and has been designed to emit much less radiations as compared to other handsets.

future of smartphones in 2020

In the future, cars will be connected to your smartphones with apps like the Audi Automatic Self Parking System. Cars would get smarter with the inclusion of smartphone technology and you could easily control the car via your smartphone. Even while sitting in your car, sensors will be fitted into its dashboard that will obey your commands in the air. You just rotate your hand anti-clockwise to lower the volume and clock-wise to increase it. Similarly you can control other social media applications by the wave of your hand.

future of smartphones in 2020

In future there will be phones in the shape of a ring. The ring will consist of a Holographic projector, front camera, ear piece, a wireless rechargeable battery, a rear camera and a microphone. Such will be the future of smartphones in 2020 with advanced technology incorporated into them. It will be used as a phone and also as a tablet. Future games will require a beefy GPU and CPU, which is really going to drive the sales of the devices. Smartphones could be upgraded like Personal computers as one might feel the need to upgrade his/her smartphone when it is getting slower.

Samsung is introducing the “Samsung Flexible phone”. Google is working on “Project Ara” with better cameras and every part of the phone will be replaceable. So any part such as a cracked screen could simply be replaced by a new one. Nokia F1 will be producing the Nokia Flexible band in the near future.  Smartphones in the future could be folded and moulded. For instance, a 10” tablet could be folded into a 5” smartphone, that is what the future could hold for us.


Best Android Smartphone Anatomy

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iDROID USA is said to have been producing the Best Android Smartphone from the beginning up till now and has become one of the top companies in Android based phones throughout the world.  iDROID USA is a solid partner of the iDroidians and will encourage them to buy their latest devices as soon as they are launched. Android in general is the most widely used operating system. Google has launched many versions, the latest being the Lollipop and Marshmallow. Android is a powerful operating system supporting largest number of applications in smartphones.

Android 6.0 makes a best android smartphone

Android Lollipop has come out of its hatching phase and it’s been almost a year that it’s around. It has been a success and it will be remembered as a remarkable part in the Google’s android history. Android Lollipop 5.0 appeared in 2014. It has certain features which people disliked and now the latest version appears in a more attractive design by discarding some of its unattractive features. The most important change in Android Lollipop in contrast to Kit Kat is its visual design. Though its design is changed, its functioning remains essentially the same. It’s very clean and seems to be made of almost visible layers and it behaved more or less like a computer than the old android. Android Lollipop doesn’t appeal only visually but it has also a smooth performance and it seems to function against a number of lower-end devices. The way android Lollipop 5.0 manages memory has enormously changed.

Android Lollipop vs Marshmallow; operating systems of best android smartphone

Android Marshmallow 6.0 is the latest version of Android OS. It doesn’t have just new features but improvements over Lollipop as well. The user interface is very easy to handle because not much has changed. If you have already handled Lollipop you will have no trouble in managing this operating system. The most significant change is the inclusion of an app search bar. With the help of this, you can readily tap in a few letters and trace the app you are searching. This is the fastest way to find something placed in the app drawer and it is certainly a commendable addition.

Best Android Smartphone

In the near future, shall have Android Marshmallow and you should look forward to buying some of these phones as they will be exceptionally and attractively placed on the market.