iDROID Wrist – Most Sophisticated Smartwatch by iDROID USA

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Smart watch is being introduced by iDROID USA for the first time in the arena of wireless gadgetry and it is quite a pride to be launching it as it is a very handy device compared to your big screen smartphone. It has been given a name, iDROID Wrist, that is unique and different. The shape is spectacular and the dial is surrounded by metallic finish with soft rubber straps.

Smartwatch by iDROID USA

Basically it is an android device but it works with iOS devices also. iOS devices can send notifications directly to your iDROID Wrist. You will be receiving notifications on your iDROID Wrist from the entire social and work channels. Notifications from WhatsApp, viber and other messaging services will be readily made available on your stylish iDROID Wrist. You can go through your mail box on your beautiful and stylish iDROID Wrist. Calls can be made through this watch easily on the go and high quality speakers make the quality of calls exceptional and crystal clear.

Health pedometer is built into this smart watch which can gauge your calorie consumption. Your exercise routine can be set accordingly leading towards a healthy life. You can hear music from sound cloud and also play your saved music. It has a sleep monitor installed into it which monitors your sleep pattern and helps you to improve your sleeping cycles.

Smartwatch by iDROIS USA

It has four exciting colors to go with your mood on a particular day. It comes in black, blue, yellow and red colors. iDROID Wrist helps you attend calls while driving without using your hands or holding your big screen smartphone. Free shipping is available if you buy this watch from our website and also from Select your favorite color and order your iDROID Wrist now.