How to Factory Reset your Android Phone

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Before jumping back to reset an Android Phone, user needs to ensure going to Options and backing up the necessary data. On your mobile, go to Settings Menu, under “Personal” touch back up & reset and then under “Personal Data” touch factory data reset. iDROID USA the best Android Phones, offered Tango A5 with easiest ever interface and where different options can be readily and more quickly accessed than other Android Smartphones.

There can be multiple reasons that even Latest Android Smartphone might need to be reset. Your Phone might be taking too long with apps loading too slowly, the underlying reason of which might be less ROM space. You might have been using your device for quite too long where you cannot manage anymore to cope up with the irritating processing speed of your once best Android phone. A customer Service person may suggest it to help with the connection issues and many more.

iDROID Tango A5

Home screen of iDroid Tango A5

Backup & Reset

Enter Settings Menu and Click on “Backup & Reset

 Factory Data Reset

In Backup & Reset menu, Click on “Factory Data Reset

Reset Phone

Click on “Reset Phone

Erase Everything

Click on “Erase Everything

 You need to make sure to have saved all the necessary information that does not sync to the cloud on your phone before performing this process. Your card data will remain safe unless you choose to format it too but text messages and other setting will not be saved.

Taking complete back up, removing SIM card as well as SD card is highly recommended as factory reset is often likely to damage your phone if proper precautionary measures are not taken. It is also suggested that your phone be charged 50%.

There are two options, upon dialing this code you will be asked and confirmed for formatting. But it is highly recommended to preserve all of your data as in some cases dialing this code will not ask for any confirmation.

In some phones you can have almost all the boxes ticked when you go for factory reset and in some other instances, you can do all by your own will and wish with what to delete or what not to by selecting a few particular boxes that you desire to format in factory reset.

Last but not the least, if you are in need to hard reset your phone, system restore option will be used. In case the mobile is locked, no other method will seem to work except system restore option. That is the reason it is also called hard reset because it will work even if your phone is locked.

Hard Reset

This screen will be visible by hard pressing volume down key and power key simultaneously for some time. Navigation will be through volume up and down keys as screen touch will be dysfunctional while hard resetting your phone.